MIB Country

The ethnography and archaeological evidence shows Fortescue Banyjima people have inhabited the area known as the Shire of Ashburton in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia for over 35,000 years.

The Pilbara Region is situated in the north west of Western Australia and is a mineral rich region of spectacular scenery thought to be around 2.8 billion years old.  This region is often referred to as “the engine room of the nation” because of its immense reserves of natural resources and its stunning natural beauty which boasts striking landscapes and a rich and diverse cultural heritage.  This region can be separated into three distinct geographical formations, a vast coastal plain, breathtaking inland ranges and an arid desert region extending into Australia’s driest centre.

Between October and April the temperature throughout the Pilbara reaches or exceeds 32 degrees Celsius almost every day and during the winter months the average falls to a very pleasant 25 degrees Celsius.

Karijini National Park is one of the popular natural attractions contained within MIB country which has spectacular gorges and waterfalls. MIB country is also very well known for its heritage assets.

The Pilbara came to national and international prominence during the 1960’s when the go ahead was given to extract iron ore deposits in the region. MIB country contributes substantially to the state’s export revenue from iron ore and liquefied natural gas.



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