MIB Charitable Trust

In 2002 we signed the Mining Area C Project Development Agreement with BHP Iron Ore (later known as BHP Billiton Iron Ore) and its related entities and as a requirement of that agreement we now operate a charitable trust called the Martu Idja Banyjima Charitable Trust. The income of this trust is used to relieve the immediate needs and better the long term prospects of the Martidja Banyjima people.


The Trust's objects are to provide relief from poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune or destitution amongst the Martidja Banyjima people (“MIB People”).
The Trust provides this relief in the form of funding in the agreed upon strategic areas of education and training, economic and community development and the maintenance and recording of lore and culture.


Plan B Trustees Limited is the Trustee of the Martu Idja Banyjima Charitable Trust. Details of Plan B Trustees Ltd (“Plan B”) can be viewed on our website.

At the community meeting of 23 March 2011 the MIB people passed by resolutions:

  1. For the purpose of providing recommendations to the trustee in relation to the distributions to be made from the MIB Trust; and
  2. That will act as the facilitator of information between the MIB people and the Trustee generally and for the purposes of clause 5A.1 of the MIB Trust Deed.
  3. The following members were elected as the initial committee:

  4. Carmen Murdock
    Linda Parker
    Terry Mills
    Debbie Dunn
    Kelly Parker
    Dawn Hicks
    Anthony Parker
    Megan White
    Guy Parker